Applied telecoms

IVR, micro-payments & more.

Plus Telecom is registered as an OFCOM licensed telecoms operator. We've got our own phone number ranges, a powerful asterisk-based IVR, a location-based gateway, a premium rate SMS gateway to the UK mobile networks and global SMS gateway connections into more than 250 countries.

Interactive Voice Response

In the 25 years that we've been around, we've built countless IVR phone systems that power a wide range of products. The latest is an audio tour service, accessed via a mobile phone, that guides the user round various famous attractions. It removes the need for expensive audio tour sound equipment, enables audio tours of remote, unmanned locations, and the client is very excited about it (as are we!). The point is that, when it comes to IVR systems, it's not an idle boast to say we can build anything you like.

Text messaging (SMS)

The same is true of text messaging. 25 years of working so closely with SMS, building both our infrastructure and skills, means that however you want to use it - data collection, customer feedback, competitions, votes, as a payment mechanism, anything - we can help. Just talk to us and we can guarantee we'll give you advice that will create a better product (then, of course, we'll create it for you).


Slightly less glamorous, but absolutely core to many of our clients' requirements, is our telephony capability.

We have a stable and sophisticated IP (Internet Protocol)-based voice switch. IP systems allow far more flexibility and scope than traditional telephony (PSTN) based systems, plus they have the added benefit of a significant cost saving over traditional systems. Using IP, international calls can be routed at a fraction of the cost of traditional PSTN alternatives, while still maintaining excellent voice quality.

So when our clients simply need to make and receive calls globally and cost-effectively, we can deliver.