About Us

London based, global focus.

Founded in 1999, Plus Telecom has been based in central London for 25 years. We've graduated from phone numbers and bulk text messaging to network operator status to exciting, innovative web apps with integrated telecoms technology.

The Plus Telecom team is a combination of creative, technical, sales, marketing and operations professionals who conceptualise, design, build and market all our products in-house. We're extremely experienced in taking a simple idea and turning it into an exciting and profitable product.

We have a history of performing in a tightly regulated market with strong company growth and adaptive business practices.

Our knowledge of telecoms is deep and wide. Most importantly, we know better than anyone how telecoms can power a wide range of products across many diverse industries. Over the years, we've consistently produced a flow of new products that take advantage of the current market – and pioneer new ones.

Our door is always open to new ideas. We have the capability to work with you at all stages of your product development and then further, into the sales and marketing cycle. All discussions about new products are confidential and we'll be as honest as we need to be about your ideas.

Some telecoms info

In terms of pure telecoms capability, we're an OFCOM licensed telecoms operator with our own phone number ranges, a powerful asterisk-based IVR, an IP-based voice switch, a location-based gateway, a premium rate SMS gateway to the UK mobile networks and global SMS gateway connections into more than 250 countries.

Plus Telecom Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 04052436. VAT number 772276119.